If you are like me and you make content, you may be just as annoyed by background noise, reverb and other sounds coming from outside or inside your room. Good news is you can fix this issue without having to spend a whole lot of money.

I’m getting ready to move into a new room that is larger than this one and will probably have more sound issues than the one I’m in now. I have a plan though! I’m going to pick-up some of these cheap acoustic panels from Amazon. Once they arrive I’m going to do one of two things. One idea is to completely cover the walls around where my recordings take place. The other idea is to strategically place them around the room to prevent sound from bouncing around.

One of my sound engineer friends said when placing them strategically to think of a bouncy ball. The sounds entering the room or already in the room will bounce off of the walls just like a bouncy ball would. Think of where that ball/sound would bounce off of and place a panel in each location. Assuming you have the proper amount of these acoustic panels, you should have a very nice and quiet recording room/studio.

If you have trouble placing these around your room you can either ask us in the comments section below or look up some layout ideas on YouTube or on Google.

We will be doing a full review and a follow-up post of these once we have them here and setup.

Product information:

  • Each WEDGE comes uncompressed and in prime condition! The Wedges in the photo will be exactly what you get.
  • Great for spot treating walls in your studio or office – For use in recording studios, control rooms, Offices home studios, home entertainment theaters, Home Offices
  • 12 Pack covers 12 square feet – Each tile is 1 square foot of 1-inch thick acoustic wedge
  • For professional acoustic control – Reduce waves, reverb and flutter echoes in smaller to medium sized rooms.
  • MADE IN USA – Fire Retardant: CA Technical Bulletin 117

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