I just watched a video on YouTube comparing the Sony A9 to the Sony A7R III and the features that are missing between the two. Sony A9 is supposed to be the flagship camera for sports and other similar activities. However, it is missing a very critical feature that the Sony A7R III does have. The feature in question here is the anti flicker feature; This has been in cameras for a very long time for many different brands to help prevent bad lighting in places such as gymnasiums. This feature allows the camera to analyze the lighting and how they flicker in order to time the shutter mechanism to take the photo at the opportune highest lighting time. So the fact that Sony’s Flagship Sony A9 camera that shoots 20 frames per second does not have this feature is entirely unacceptable and really makes me consider not purchasing this model. I’d rather go with a slightly slower A7R III and have the anti flicker future then not have it.

For some people, this won’t be a big deal because they will never shoot inside of a gymnasium or in a place with bad lighting. That being said I will be doing that quite often when / if I pick up my Sony A9. Like I said before if they don’t include this in some sort of firmware update by the time I have the funding to purchase my new Sony gear that I’m not going to buy the Sony A9.


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