Hello there everyone! So if you’re not aware, the Sony A9 has a super 35 mode that allows you to get a crop factor of 1.5. Essentially what that will enable you to do is tell your full frame camera to act like a cropped sensor camera. The reason why I’m talking about this really cool mode is that in sports situations it is really awesome. In cases where you do not have the money to purchase a bunch of different lenses you can always take out a 70-200mm lens and multiply that by 1.5 (Super 35 crop factor) in order to get that extra little bit of reach (300mm) while in super 35 mode. Same thing goes for a 100-400mm lens it will allow you to get up to 600 mm of focal length in that super 35 mode. So let’s say that you just purchased the Sony A9 and the 70-200mm lens you could easily still do sports with just that gear because it would allow you to get to 300 mm of focal length while in super 35 mode and let you keep that F/2.8 aperture. Most sports photographers use 400mm prime lenses anyway!

Obviously, in the long run, it will be better if you have all of the lenses that you need, but in the meantime, you can easily make do with some everyday lenses while using the super 35 mode in order to get that extra reach when you need it.

You should definitely check out the post talking about the perfect Sony A9 in gear bag. That would be an example of an ideal gear bag to shoot for in the long run.

Sony A9 Super 35 Mode Telephoto Lens Benefits

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