Hello there everyone! In today’s post, I’m going to review the Grizzly Camera Bean Bag. For the longest time, I could not think of what this product would be called. I happened to stumble upon it one day on Amazon, and I bought it instantly. This Grizzly Camera Bean Bag is amazing for photographers that need that extra little bit of stabilization and can’t take the time to set up a tripod or don’t have a tripod.  Sometimes there are situations where you are not allowed to have a tripod, but you can use other tools to your advantage such as one of these. Another thing is if you’re in a safari or just out and about in your car and you want to take a photo you can always place this on the side of your window to get a stabilized shot. Don’t forget to turn off your car though when you do this because your car will create vibration!

Check out the potential uses that you can use this for via the images I put in the post below.

It’s a high-quality bean bag that does arrive empty by the way! What I did is I bought 4 lb of pinto beans and put them inside which seems to be working good. There are plenty of suggestions out there on what you could put inside of it, but I would recommend either pinto beans, aquarium gravel, or some sort of other packing material like packing peanuts maybe. Remember that whatever stuff you put in your camera bean bag it will affect how it performs for you.

I’m still putting this thing through its Paces however from the times that I have been able to use it I really like it and I think it was worth the investment. I definitely recommend that you pick one up if you are a serious photographer that’s on the go and can’t always bring your tripod or take the time to set one up. Check it out on Amazon right now.

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