Hey there everyone! I wanted to share my thoughts/review this IMALENT DDT40 flashlight that I recently purchased for a family member of mine.

I picked up one of these for a Christmas present and I can say that I’m very impressed. The light is very bright and can shoot that light at a very far distance. The build quality is great and is water and drop resistant. We have already accidentally dropped it from waist high and it did not damage it.

I will say that you should definitely read the manual for this light though. It is not easy to use right off the bat sadly. It also takes quite some time to charge. We left ours charging for over 24 hours (Completely Empty Battery).

The light has many modes and depending on the mode you set, the light can last for many many hours. In its lowest mode, it is rated to last 1,000 hours! Yeah, thats crazy!

I plan on making a video showing this bad boy off very soon. When I do I’ll be sure to embed it in this post.

If you are looking for a very bright floodlight/spotlight in a small package then this is the light for you.

Other Product Info:

  • IMALENT DDT40 SIZE AND WEIGHT : 139.68mm (length) * 68mm(head diameter) * 38mm (tail cap diameter),366 grams (without batteries).
  • IMALENT DDT40 HIGH BRIGHTNESS: Brighter than before,4500 + 1180 lumens lamp uses four XM-L2 (U4) LED, lights for the side two floodlights, use two warm white XP-L LED.
  • IMALENT DDT40 HIGH TECH: The world has a unique military compass technology, built-in digital compass
  • IMALENT DDT40 STRONG FUNCTIONS: Maximum range of 450 meters, there are strobe beacon and SOS mode.

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