These awesome LED lights are my new favorite photography lights of 2018! I originally only had one of these really cool LED lights, but then I decided I’m going to spend the extra $100 and pick up an additional 2 with this awesome kit from Amazon. This LED light kit is more than I probably need for a long time. I can buy as many batteries as I want and take them wherever I want. I don’t have to have them plugged into a wall outlet at all which is awesome. The light kit comes with two softboxes and two batteries for each of the lights. The kit also comes with two light stands for each light, and all of the lights and stands and softboxes fit in the case that it comes with. So for around $100 you’re getting a total light kit that you can take with you anywhere. I personally love this like it, and I do not regret buying it one bit. The light kit also comes with a couple of colored filters for each of your lights. That being said I recommend that you pick up an additional filter kit for $10. This will expand the options that you have when lighting your subject.

I attached both items on Amazon below for you to check out. I cannot speak highly enough of these, so I totally recommend you getting them if you need some cheap yet very effective lighting!

My Favorite Photography Lights Of 2018