Sony A9 II | Sony A9S | Sony A9R | Or whatever…

Hey there everyone! I’m starting a new series called “Please & Thanks”. In this series, I’m going to talk about ideas I have for future things. Those things can be anything from camera gear to just general life wishes. In this post, it’s going to be about the inevitable Sony A9 II or whatever they are going to call it.

Items I want to see added to the camera.

  • Video picture profiles
  • Slightly Higher Resolution. 35 Megapixels should be perfect.
  • A C4 Button to go alongside the three existing custom buttons.
  • Explanations of each menu item (Toggleable, maybe program it to the C4 button by default), just like the “noob” mode that’s on newer canon consumer cameras.
  • If I delete an image on one card it should delete off both. Like, come on, if I have dual record it should dual delete.
  • Better weather sealing. (YouTube Link)