Many video games nowadays provide in-game boosters. These in-game boosters can offer anything from double experience points to other various items that you would otherwise not get. Most of these boosters are based on the time that they are purchased for example a booster will last three hours, three days, or thirty days. The problem with most video game companies as they allow these boosters to tic down the time when a player is no longer online. To me, this is theft. You’re paying for something that is actively just disappearing even when you’re not using it. Game boosters need to be fixed to where they are only allowed to take down on their overall time while you’re playing the game.

Recently certain states and countries have made it illegal for video games to have loot boxes in them. I think we need another law stating the same thing for in-game boosters. Except this new law would say that somebody that provides a booster must not allow the booster to lose time when a player is not in the video game. This is just my opinion, and I would love to hear what your guys’ opinions are, but I think that boosters that lose time when you’re not online are just ridiculous and robbery.


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