Hello there everybody, Silentwisher here with the Silentwisher Photography Podcast, hosted by yours truly. In this episode, we’re gonna talk about the upcoming Sigma 105 F1.4 art lens for Sony E-Mount. As you may or may not know, I am a Sony shooter specifically, a Sony A9 shooter, and I really wanna get a hold of this lens. I currently have a 7200 F2.8 G Master and a 55 1.8 Zeiss Sony Lens, and they’re both great. I just want to get a hold of this Sigma 105, like it’s being called the Bokeh Monster. I mean it’s got F1.4 which is gonna be insane in low light and then just something about 100 millimeters/105 millimeters, is just a very satisfying photo to me.Like when I had my 100 to 400 G Master, before I traded it in, I took a picture of one of my friends while we were out, and about at a dock and the picture just turned out great. I loved that focal length, so I might actually just end up skipping the 85-millimeter lenses altogether and just do 105’s as far as you know that general range is concerned. I’m looking at the B&H website right now, I’m not sponsored and it says it’s aperture range is F1.4 to F16. I personally never go over F8. There’s obviously reasons why you might want to, but if you anything about photography, those situations are very limited.

So if you haven’t seen the pictures of this Sigma 105, its got its own tripod collar. Like it’s so big, and I’m assuming heavy. I think there’s a weight here, let me look. But it’s so big, that it has to have its own tripod collar. You could take it off, but it is huge.

Okay, so the lens itself is 3.5, well it’s actually 3.62 pounds, so that’s pretty heavy for a lens and right now, there’s not a whole lot, of images or video or anything covering this. But it’s huge, like it’s a big lens. The front element is huge. I’m seeing if I could find some information here. It’s got a filter thread of 105 millimeters. That’s huge and I’m sure any sort of filter that size is gonna be insanely expensive, but yeah, as soon as I get a hold of this, I’m definitely let you guys know and give you my review on it.

I actually have a contact with a camera store and he’s gonna let me know as soon as he finds out any sort of information on it, me and him are pretty tight and I’ll recommend him and his store, well the store he works for in a future episode. But, I’m super excited about this. So if you guys are interested in this lens or just the lens for your native mount, whether that’s Canon or Nikon or whatever, let me know and I just can’t wait to get a hold of it. That F1.4 is gonna create some really awesome, low light and just in general portraits, so.

That’ll be it for today’s photography podcast. Next episode, well it’s gonna have to be a surprise. So if you guys enjoyed it, let me know in the comments and I’ll see you guys in the next one, bye, bye.

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In this episode of the Silentwisher Photography podcast, we talk about the Sigma 105 1.4 Bokeh Monster.
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