Fallout 76 Is Going To Be Awesome!

There are many reasons why Fallout 76 is going to be awesome. Listed below are the reasons why I think the game will be awesome. Let’s get started!


First and foremost, the game is multiplayer! It appears to allow you to have 4 people in a squad. They also showed and stated there will be other players in your world if you so wish as well. Up to a dozen or so. The could be hostile or friendly.

New Building System

Most people are familiar with the building system in Fallout 4. It was neat but it had issues. One of which was set places you can build. Well in Fallout 76, that is a thing of the past. You can build anywhere you like. You can also move your base whenever you like as well!

Moment Camera

Players will be able to document special moments with their fellow survivors using some sort of special camera in the game. It is a pretty simple idea, but I like it a lot.

Get Revenge

In Fallout 76 you will be able to launch small nuclear missiles at your desired location on the map. You can use these missiles to get revenge on that one player that would just not leave you alone, or you can just launch them for fun. Based on the videos shown, this process won’t be easy. Which I hope is the case. It also appears that once an area has been nuked, there will be rare and valuable resources that will be available for looting that otherwise may not have been there.

Wrapping Up

There will obviously be a lot of other things in Fallout 76. That being said I’m super excited from what they’ve shown off so far and I look forward to all the other cool features that will be in the game. The fact alone that the game can be played with your friends online isn’t same to me! Something I do want to point out as you can play the game completely by yourself as well. You are not forced to play multiplayer like some people are saying. Something else I want to bring up is the fact that if you play the game more than say your friend does your progression does not reset when you join their game. Your progression will continue with you no matter what game you join. Which I personally can see being a good thing and a bad thing. Maybe that will be a setting for whoever is hosting a game who knows.

All I can say is the hype train is real, and the release date of September is not close enough for me! I highly doubt there will be an early release, but I would be very happy if there was!