Hello there, everyone. Silentwisher here with some breaking news that needs to be covered. Net Neutrality is officially dead. Supposedly we can still fight back and get it back, but as of right now it’s dead, so now more than ever will you probably experience throttling, website blocking and so on thanks to the lovely FCC. If you want to fight back against this, obviously you would need to contact people, but that’s not what I’m talking to you about today. Today we’re going to talk about the fact that your data’s about to be throttled and or blocked all together from certain websites depending on your provider and all that.

Now, there are ways around this, one of which is a VPN, and that’s what we’re going to talk about right now. I use a VPN called Private Internet Access. I recommend it. A lot of other YouTubers and other personalities and whatnot recommend it, but you need to get this VPN, and it’s cheap, and it’s going to protect you online. It’s going to make you anonymous. It’s going to stop eavesdroppers, it’s going to unlock the blocked websites that are inevitably going to come. There’s no logging of any kind, and you’re not going to be throttled. I have proven this many times over. My internet provider, before Net Neutrality was reversed would throttle me all the time on YouTube, and simply just clicking or turning on my VPN, it magically stopped throttling me because there’s laws against throttling encrypted traffic, so if you want to not have to worry about blocked websites and getting throttled and stuff, because I know some of you out there that are listening do get throttled, so I believe this is on mobile devices as well, but I can only speak for the PC version and I think the Mac version as well. It’s Private Internet Access. I’ll have a link in the description below.

It’s about seven dollars a month. You spend more than that on Starbucks or McDonald’s or whatever. It costs you nothing, and of course if you prepay it’s even cheaper. For example, you can spend 40 dollars and have it for a year just straight off the bat. That’s nothing. That’s literally nothing, and you can pay for it in a gazillion different ways with gift cards and PayPal, all your credit cards, Amazon Pay, Bitcoin, all kinds of stuff, so if you need to be anonymous or you don’t want to be blocked or anything like that, you’re going to want this. Of course it can also block ads, malware, stuff like that. There’s all different kinds of servers, so you can find a server that’s close to you that way you get the best overall performance.

This is not sponsored in any way. To be clear, I do get a small kickback, very small kickback if you use my link, so I would appreciate that and it would help keep my show and websites and stuff like that going, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra, so if you want to help me out and help yourself out more importantly, get this VPN. Click the link in the description below, and you won’t have to worry about this Net Neutrality BS. But you still need to fight for it, but this will help protect you from the BS that is our greedy corporations here in the United States and wherever else a law like this is in effect. Get the Private Internet VPN in the description below. I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye bye for now.

Breaking news! As of this moment in time net neutrality is officially dead. The fight is not over but this is what you can do to prevent yourself from being throttled online and websites being blocked.
If you want to get this really cheap but highly effective VPN that I highly recommend the link to do so is below:


by SilentWisher | Season 1 - 2018