So I was recently doing inventory on my camera gear, and for some reason, I managed to lose my micro USB cable for my Sony A9. Obviously, you need this cable to perform critical firmware updates and other things like that, so I really needed to get a new one. I reached out to my camera dealer, and he said that it’s just a normal everyday micro USB cable. So I went on Amazon, and I found these micro USB cables by a company called Rankie and I so far like them a lot. They are nylon braided cables which are a bonus in my opinion. So if you guys are looking for some cheap yet effective micro USB cables, I would highly recommend these.

  • Special design with incredible Durability: tangle-free nylon cord with aluminum casing has a 5000+ bend lifespan, much longer than the normal cables
  • Comes with 3-Pack 3ft (0.9m) of durable, flexible cord to suit a variety of everyday connection needs
  • Ideal for connecting PC peripherals such as hard drives, printers, and more, Supports 480-Mbps transmission speed
  • Extra Cables, Extra Durable: Replace your cable and add more for home, work or travel, with a 5000+ bend lifespan several times longer than standard cables
  • Compact, heat-resistant, stainless steel connector heads slot in easily but securely and fit most cases

Rankie Micro USB Cable Nylon Braided | Review 1

Rankie Micro USB Cable Nylon Braided | Review 2