Hello there everyone! If you have visited my site before you will notice that I currently run three different kinds of podcasts. My photography podcast, my regular mostly gaming oriented podcast, and my tech-focused podcast. Currently, when you hover over the podcast section of my sites navigation menu, there are only three items. So I’m excited to add this fourth option not only to fix my OCD of not having something in that fourth slot but also the new podcast that I am going to be doing is going to be very fun, and I think everyone out there will enjoy it. I will give you a little bit of a hint on what this new podcast will be. The new podcast will be a format in which I can talk about whatever I want including drama and other life events similar to like if I was doing a vlog on YouTube. The goal is to keep each show around 1 hour or a little bit less maybe like 45 minutes and I do plan on having guests on the show. That being said I hope to get the first episode out to you guys within the next couple of weeks or sooner.

I’ll talk to you guys and gals about this again very soon.