Women’s Clothing Pockets Suck!

I just read an article about women’s clothing and how their pockets in their clothing suck. I didn’t think anybody was actually going to make an article about this, but since they are, I’m going to put in my two cents as well. I absolutely hate how women’s clothing has very little to no pockets in them. Also if they do have pockets, they’re either fake or incredibly small to where they have no real purpose. Breaking news to anybody that’s in the female fashion industry… Not all women want to carry around a bag to hold their stuff constantly!

On a regular basis I have problems with my female friends as well as female family members not answering their phone whether that’s via text or actually answering a phone call because they leave their phones in their bedrooms, living room, kitchen or something like that because they don’t want to have to carry it around.

Women With Hands In Her Pockets

Does the female fashion industry really expect women to carry on their phones in a little bag while they’re at home? It really doesn’t matter whether they’re at home or not females need bigger pockets in their clothing. Every single woman that I have talked to has said the same thing… They want bigger pockets in their clothing.

The article that I read had the title of science proves that women’s pockets suck. It shouldn’t have to come down to a science I think it’s pretty straightforward and obvious. Look if anybody out there in the clothing design industry is reading this please for the love of God or whatever you love, please make some women clothing that has good pockets in them!