Anybody out there that’s a content creator knows that getting demonetized on Youtube is one of the worst things that can happen to you. Depending on the content you create you will more than likely be able to avoid getting demonetized by following the steps that I list below. Please keep in mind that these steps are based on my experience with the YouTube Partner program.

One of the quickest ways to get demonetized on YouTube is having a title, description, or tags that contain controversial topics. What exactly is a controversial topic? Well, unfortunately, it is a pretty broad thing in YouTube’s eyes. If you use any sort of YouTube tools like browser extensions, then they can sometimes help you. I personally recommend VidIQ because they have a controversial words detecting tool. Tools like that will be able to help you avoid using certain words in your tags, title, or description.

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If for some reason you believe wholeheartedly that you should deserve ads on your videos you can always appeal the demonetization. I personally just recommend modifying the title, description, or tags to please the algorithm. With that being said your content can also be demonetized based off of its subject matter and what is said throughout the video. If you have a lot of vulgar language in your video, there’s a good chance it will get demonetized as well. I personally edit out vulgar language at this point because of two reasons, 1 of those reasons is I like to promote my videos via the AdWords platform which strictly does not allow that sort of content, and two, I would like to give my content the best chance of being monetized.

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Some content creators out there simply refuse to modify their content and expect YouTube to give them monetization status. Unfortunately, YouTube and its current state will not bow down to its creators. If you want to avoid getting demonetized on Youtube and make money on this platform, you’re just going to have to modify your content sadly.


Here are the general rules on how to avoid being demonetized.

  • YouTube seems to want to have most of its content be somewhat kid friendly. I would say about a PG-13 rating. If you think your content exceeds the PG-13 rating, it might get demonetized.
  • Don’t use controversial wording in your title, description, or tags.
    • Use a browser plug-in such as vidIQ to avoid this.
  • Try and avoid covering controversial topics as a whole.
  • If your video gets demonetized be sure to audit all of the content on that video and make necessary changes.
  • If your video is spotless in regards to tags, description, and title and you’re still getting demonetized. I suggest that you consider looking over the actual video content and editing out any sort of controversial or mature content in it. Then simply re-upload it and try again.

Get VidIQ plugin for your browser!

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