Hey there, everybody. It’s Silentwisher here with audio post podcast, mini podcast, I don’t know what we’re going to call it, but let’s get into it. Some of you probably noticed that I was doing an Amazon gift card giveaway, literally giving away free money, right? In gift card card form, of course. And I shared it across my various Facebook pages that I’m the owner of, and all that. And believe it not, even though I have a pretty good reach, not a whole lot of people signed up for it. So I think we might literally just get the five winner amount, because I’m giving away five of them to five people. We might get just five people to sign up for literally giving away free money. I really don’t understand people at all, like I would sign up for that in a heartbeat. I mean, it’s free money, why would you not sign up? That’s the world we live in. But guess what, it gets better.


So I shared it on my fish keeping page, and this person, this dude leaves a comment. It’s not there anymore, so don’t bother going looking for it. He posted as a comment, “Five bucks? Are you fooking stupid?” First of all, he spelt five weird, like two Vs, fivve bucks, and the fooking instead of fucking, so F-O-O-K-I-N-G stupid. So basically, he’s saying, for five bucks to follow your stuff. Yeah, dude, that’s literally what it says. Like, are you that fucking dense that you can’t read? Like, you’re literally going to follow a channel and visit a Facebook page, and then you get entered to win five bucks on Amazon. What’s the big deal? Why wouldn’t you do that? It’s free money. But yet, you’re going to sit there, leave a comment and complain about it? You’re special kind of stupid.


To that guy, I wish I would have screenshotted your comment, I really wish I would have. But that guy can go fuck himself. To me, that’s like an ungrateful thing to like, “Oh, you want to give me money, but it’s not enough. Fuck you.” And it’s like, no, you’re just an ungrateful piece of shit. So, yeah. I just to talk about that because I was amazed. So I know there’s a little more vulgarity than there normally is in my podcast, or mini podcast, but I just had to get it off my chest because I was just blown away at the stupidity of this guy.


I’m launching a new podcast soon, so keep an eye out for that. And then I’m hoping to get a better internet connection here soon, so I should be able to do live shows a lot easier across the board with my content. So I’ll see you guys in the nest one.