Hello there everybody! It’s been a long time since I have done a Content recap. It’s actually been such a long time the last content recap was on July 6th. Lots of things happened between then and now which are partially to blame on why I haven’t provided another content recap. This content recap is quite large because of the time frame that I didn’t make any follow-ups. So bear with me and all of the links that are contained within this post. Before we get into all the content that was posted between July 6th and now I want to talk about some changes that were made to the website.

One of the changes I made to the website is I redesigned the sites navigation and color scheme. I also designed a new logo for myself as well. Another change that I made to the website was removing some redundant post categories. The redundant post categories were combined into one to help make finding posts that little bit easier.

I also added a store link to the website that contains digital products that I sell. Some of the digital products that I sell are design elements that you can use for websites or other digital products. One of the larger items on my store is a monster sound pack that you should definitely check out while it’s on sale! I also provided two different donation options on my story as well for anybody that wants to donate to me but doesn’t want to donate via Patreon.

Another navigational item that I added to the website just called “Me”. Under this section, you will find the link to my Patreon account as well as a link to all the gear that I use. What do I mean by the gear that I use? On this page, I will have all of the camera gear that I use as well as each and every individual part that is in my computer.

Last but certainly not least is an updated YouTube feed script. The YouTube feed button on the website navigation will take you to the same page that it always did however with the new script it will load a hundred times faster than it ever did before. It’s literally a night and day difference!

Now let’s get into all of the content that was posted be between July 6th and now. Enjoy!
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July 6TH – August 31ST | CONTENT RECAP #6 Starting A New Pocast Soon – Silentwisher Entertainment


July 6TH – August 31ST | CONTENT RECAP #6