Inhabitants of this Island Cheat Death

Hello there everyone! I stumbled across this random YouTube video talking about an island where the majority of the inhabitants live a very long time. Such a long time in fact that they beat out the biggest countries in the world when it comes to life expectancy. The people on this island are mostly self-sufficient and grow their own food and exercise a lot due to how the island is set up and what they have available to them. They call this a Blue Zone Island because of how long people live there because there’s no real explanation why. In the video they talk about how the people are very relaxed they basically ignore the clock, so they have a sense of time, but they don’t really care, and they also find whatever is toxic or negative in their life, and they remove it. They just have a good time and take care of their health and family and friends, and I’m guessing that’s probably why they live so long. We for some reason a happily welcome drama and toxicity into our lives but in my opinion that is silly. I seem to be one of the only people that agree with how these inhabitants on this Island live. Enjoy the video that I found below.

Check out the island of Icaria