If you have your own WordPress website, then you absolutely need to look into Jetpack. I want to start off by saying this is a review made purely out of the want to help people out there that have websites whether it’s a website for themselves or a client of theirs. Jetpack is not only a plug-in, but it is also a service.  In this post, we are going to talk about the premium features, the main reasons why I think you should get jetpack for all of your WordPress websites.


Everyone is tight on money these days that’s nothing new. The paid options that jetpack offers are very cheap for what you end up getting in return. I pay around $99 a year, and I think it’s worth every single penny. I’m going to list all of the reasons why I think it’s worth the $99 price tag below.

One of the things that is a big attractor for most people to Jetpack is how easy it is to set up. All you do is you install the plug-in click the settings that you want turned on and that’s basically it. When it comes to setting up the premium features, it’s the same way. All you got to do is subscribe to the premium package that interests you, and then you’re off to the races.


For example one of the main reasons I went the premium route was the automated daily backups which in itself is worth the $99 value alone. These days it’s not a matter of if your site has an issue or gets hacked, it’s when. Their automated backups plus easy restores is worth the price alone. The easy backups and restores can give you and your clients the peace of mind.

The other main reason I went the premium route is that I can upload videos and they will take care of all the hosting for those videos. So I no longer have to worry about using up my small amount of website hosting space to have my videos on my site. They take care of all of that including making sure it plays on all devices.

Of course, what is a good plug-in if it’s not secure? The people over at Jetpack take security very seriously; so you have nothing to worry about there. If you have any questions regarding how they store your backups and other data you can reach out to them directly and they will respond right away.

Use Wordpress? Get Jetpack Now, Thank Me LaterSpeaking of them reaching out to you right away when you put in a support request… That’s one of the other main bonuses to having a premium account through Jetpack. Their support team is fantastic. Their support team is super knowledgeable and genuinely want to help solve your problem. I’ve dealt with many support agents over my lifetime and more often than not a lot of them missed the mark. I’ve never had a bad experience with the Jetpack support team. One time I had an issue that was relatively complicated, and it took a total of 60 emails to get it resolved. It turns out there were some configuration issues on my server that was causing the problem. Regardless, every single email that they had sent me they were interested in my problem and wanted to get it solved just as badly as I did. I cannot give enough praises to their support team.

Some other features that are worth mentioning but you should keep in mind is automated malware scanning, automatic security fixes, Brute Force attack protection, downtime monitoring, being automatically accepted into their ad Network, and much more.

The premium plans over on Jetpack offer a whole bunch of features that are just insane. If you want to read about the full feature list that they have, visit the website to find out more. I specifically only wanted to talk about the things that matter to me the most regarding the service. I’m sure if you go over there and you check out all the excellent features that they offer you will be very interested in setting up a premium account through Jetpack.


As of writing this post they are currently running a 20% discount sale so you should definitely go over there and check it out right now and sign up.


Use Wordpress? Get Jetpack Now, Thank Me Later