With the EU passing article 13 and 11, the internet as a lot of people know it will change big time. Ultimately it comes down to each EU state, but I have a damn good feeling that the UK & or the EU is going to keep pulling stupid stunts and get blocked from a considerable portion of the internet. Let me explain.

Let’s make some predictions about Article 11/13 1

Look at how many services that Google, Facebook, and Amazon provide. It’s more cost effective to severely limit access to countries that decide to keep article 11 and 13 than it would be to try and enforce it from their servers. Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. services already cost a fortune to run. Now the EU wants them to spend even more? Do they even understand how the internet works? The short answer is NO.

So my official prediction is any EU states that support the two articles starting with the UK will be severely restricted to US-based services and or be blocked entirely.

Let’s make some predictions about Article 11/13 2