I hate living in a place where I’m stuck with a single internet provider. Well, that’s not fully true. I do have some other options however since I am in a small town I have to deal with the small town drama of interacting with smaller hole in the wall companies. So basically I only have one option. Good old CenturyLink. Today I made a phone call to them trying to find out if there was some way on this green spinning planet that I can upgrade my internet speed. Basically, there were no options available to me. I wasn’t surprised by this at all because it’s been like that for the years that I’ve spent living at this current location. That being said I was pleasantly surprised when the person I talked to the second time around was able to bump my speed by just a tiny little bit. When you’re a content creator trying to make a living online every little tiny bit of speed counts. The cool thing is it didn’t cost me a dime for him to do it. So kudos to that guy in particular. I just wish CenturyLink has a company would take more effort into providing realistic speeds to people that live out in the middle of nowhere. When I say in the middle of nowhere I do mean in a town of several thousand people.