I can’t decide if I want Tattoos, it’s driving me a little crazy. Why is it driving me crazy? Well, I think tattoos are so awesome and super sexy on most people. I have a unique attraction to colored tattoos the most. I don’t know what about them attracts me, but I love them. The one thing that prevents me most from getting any tattoos is the fact that it is permanent. Yes, I know you can get tattoos removed but if from what I’ve seen, the scarring from the removal looks worse than just leaving the tattoo there.

Man getting a tattoo on his arm.

So Many Ideas

I have so many ideas for tattoos for myself, but I can’t make the final decision on getting one or all of them. I mean, I love the designs I have, and I don’t think I would regret getting any of them, but the whole permanent thing is what scares me a little. I’m curious about how many people have had this same thought but ended up getting them anyways. I’m curious what their advice is.

I love the look of tattoos on my friends, and I honestly get little jealous of them, which is why I’m leaning more towards just getting one and not overthinking about it.

Colorful tattoo that says hard work and a skull

It might hurt…

I would also be lying if I was not a little bit worried about it hurting when getting them done. I’ve heard so many people say that they do hurt, but each person has different pain tolerances. Some people try to act all tough and say they don’t hurt, but I know that’s a damn lie. I would safely say that 99% of the people I talk to say it hurts and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Anyways if anyone out there reading this would like to chime in in the comments section below with any thoughts or advice, I’d welcome it.