Hello there everyone! I wanted to let you know that I have some more videos incoming to the Youtube channel. Now, why would I make a post about this, you ask? Well, if you are new to my channel, you probably did not know that I used to have two separate YouTube channels. One channel was dedicated to vlogging style content only, and the other was gaming content only.

Nowadays I have one channel called Silentwisher Entertainment that has all the content I create on it. When I decided to have just one channel, I purged the other channel. When I purged that second channel, it deleted all the videos on it. There was several hundred of them on there, and they were created way back in the day when I did not have a good microphone setup, so some of the audio is not the greatest.


Man editing on computer

What I’m doing right now is going over all of the videos from that channel and re-editing them. I’m doing my best to make them higher quality like fixing the audio levels and stuff like that. I will be placing a disclaimer style lower third on each of the videos reminding people that they are older videos but still worth re-uploading and sharing. So If you are new to my content, your going to have a lot of unique content coming your way. If you have been a long-time subscriber, then you might remember some of the videos that will be coming out.

I hope you guys are excited for these videos to come out, and I’m undoubtedly enjoying re-editing them. These “archive” videos will be released alongside brand new content as well, so don’t worry there.

So if you are brand new to my content and you are reading this and not subscribed to my channel, please subscribe. I’d love to have you as part of my community.