Hello there everyone! In this video, I discuss and go over everything in the very exciting Astroneer groundwork update that just released. I show everything from how to use the new Paver, to how the new medium canisters work, the new horns added to the game and much more. Timestamps in the comments below! If you enjoyed the video please subscribe. Thank you!
New Halloween Outfits 00:00 to 00:53
Introducing new rover items and small horn 01:00 to 01:33
Medium buggy horn 01:34 to 01:52
Large Fog Horn 01:53 to 02:34
Medium Storage 02:42 to 06:11
Paver & Creating Roads 06:12 to 08:21
Paver & Tunnels 08:22 to 10:49
Testing Vehicle Mid Air Controls 11:46 to 13:15
Discussing Future Updates Coming 11:16 to END

Paver, Medium Canister, Horns & More | Astroneer Groundwork Update