So I was watching YouTube and this random ad came up for the new Blue Yeti X microphone. I didn’t know that they were working on a new version of the Blue Yeti but this thing is totally awesome and I want it so bad. As of right now, you can pick it up on Amazon for not much more than what the Blue Yeti was originally priced at. From what I’ve read the Blue Yeti X is a much better version of the microphone and from the documentation that I read, it comes with a lot of really cool features. Some of the features include special software that can help you modify your voice and help with background removal. You have the ability to customize the colors of the LEDs on the microphone. It has this really cool feature that shows you visually how loud you’re being so that way you can prevent yourself from peeking. I plan on taking this thing up as soon as possible and I will be sure to do a review and a sample video of it in action as soon as I pick it up. In the meantime check out the Amazon page and all its details on there.

I Want The New Blue Yeti X! 1

I Want The New Blue Yeti X! 2