Hello there everyone. Today I have an exciting new Arma 3 video for you. In this video, the Rough Riders set up a plan to meet with local militia forces in order to rescue one of their own that was captured in an operation that happened a couple of days before. In this video, you will see it from the eyes of a couple of the militia forces units. It’s a little bit of a longer video so be sure to grab a snack and enjoy the video.

The Exchange – Arma 3 – Rough Riders rescuing one of their own

Some back story:

There was an operation that was conducted a day or two before. Everything went well, right up until one of the Rough Riders soldiers got captured by a group of ION forces. After the previous operation finished, the Rough Riders had to come up with a plan to get their man back. They were willing to do whatever it took. Luckily the Rough Riders captured two prisoners of their own.