SSDs have been dropping in price for quite some time now. Many of you out there know that I absolutely love SSDs and prefer them over standard hard drives any day. After a recent major price slash for a 31TB server SSD. I can confidently say that that will trickle down to average consumers any time now. That server SSD was slashed to around 8 thousand dollars. An SSD that size would have cost more than a car not too long ago. So it is very exciting to see the prices of much larger drives dropping.

My prediction is we will see 1TB SSD drives for around $50 within the next 3 years(probably a lot sooner). I also predict average consumer SSDs will surpass traditional hard drive storage capabilities within those three years as well. You can only cram so much storage onto a spinning disk. SSDs take up way less space and have no moving parts, allowing them to fit 10x the storage in a smaller package.

*excited I am* ??

SSD Price Drop Incoming