Hello there everyone! As you know I’m an avid aquarium person and I love pretty much any aquarium creature that you can get. However, once you certain kinds of snails then things can turn bad quickly. Luckily for me, my explosion of Malaysian Trumpet snails in my aquarium was more of an eyesore than anything else. That said, there are lots of people asking how to get rid of snails in your aquarium with some sort of medication/chemical. Well, this product I found called “Genchem No Planaria” can take care of your snail problem in just a couple of days. The product isn’t really advertised to be a snail removal solution but it does a really good job of doing just that! So if you have a snail infestation problem in your aquarium, be sure to give this a try! Be sure to follow the instructions!

Product Description:

Genchem NO-Planaria 50g is a worm disinfectant in aquarium (including planaria and hydra) Benefits: Keep Planaria away with no harming shrimp and plant. Safe and Biodegradable. Control in 72 hours Ingredient: Herb extract *Impact on water quality. Notes: During the treatment, you should not feed your shrimps. Remove carbon filter prior to dosing and watch out the dissolved oxygen. Take out of planaria body after dosing to avoid ammonia. Don’t overdose in case of mortality. Some snails are sensitive to Genchem NO-Planaria. Remove snails before treatment for safety.

Some product information from its page:

  • Worm disinfectant in the aquarium (including planaria and hydra)
  • Keep Planaria away with no harming shrimp and plant.
  • Safe and Biodegradable
  • Control in 72 hours
  • Ingredient: Herb extract


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How to remove aquarium snails with Genchem No Planaria - Review