Wouldn’t it be nice if we could use the resources in our computers to improve our Arma 3 gaming experience?

I mean most people these days are not locked to single cores or even two cores! Most people have 6-32 CPU cores that are just not being used and that’s sad man.

Imagine a version of the parameters screen in the launcher actually taking the input you give it, and it actually makes your game run better. That would be amazing. I mean what’s the point of the parameters tab when it does nothing for your performance. Some people say it works for them to a certain degree. But 95% of the people that I’ve met that try and use the parameters tab have no luck. The very fact that the people that do get it to work but only to a certain degree says it all. Clearly there’s something wrong.

Not to mention how your GPU only really gets used when you’re at the main menu screens. Any other time it sits below 10%. Like what?!?

This is a very big game and yes it is very complicated but there should be no problems with this game being able to recognize system resources that are made available to it whether that’s automatically like most games or by putting it in yourself in the parameters section of the launcher.

I want to try and avoid bringing up other game titles in this video games ideas series, however, when playing The Division 2 for example, that game is incredibly beautiful and very demanding yet it is able to use all of my 32 CPU cores and the full power of my 1080 and I’m getting amazing performance constantly. So if a pretty game and crazy game like that can run there’s no reason that Arma 3 or 4 can’t.

A better performing game = more profit from more game sales. Just saying! 🙂