Transcript of the podcast:

Hello everybody Silentwisher here with another Talk Show Episode. So this is going to be a short and sweet one. I believe this is episode 23 or 24. I’m not really sure. but I guess that’s not important because it’s going to be a short one, but, everybody’s freaking out right now because YouTube is down for a lot of people. There’s a big, big outage for YouTube and, I, I guess I’m just coming on here to say that it is just for certain people, just for certain regions. I can confirm my region, here in the Midwest can still access most of YouTube. I, every video I’ve ever clicked on so far is working just fine, but, You know, there’s a lot of people that aren’t able to watch any videos. some people I’ve talked to, they’re trying to like listen to music and they can’t listen to any of their music videos. so it could be that it’s, you know, just specific sections of YouTube, like music, for example, cause I didn’t try music. it could be specific regions. It could be a specific server. That’s having an issue. It could be a specific ISP. And how it’s routed. That could be the issue. I mean, there’s so many possibilities on why YouTube is down right now, but YouTube is in fact down for a lot of people at the time of this recording. So if you’re freaking out and you’re wondering, you know, wondering what’s going on, nothing major, it’s just YouTube having some sort of an outage right now, and it will be. Inevitably fixed very shortly. So thanks for tuning in guys. that’s the little, I guess, news update for you. So we won’t even consider this an episode. We’ll just call it, you know, YouTube is down or something. So thanks for listening. And I’ll see you guys in the full show, coming up soon. Bye-bye. For now.