What is New World? Is it a good game? [New World Game Review]

New World is an MMO created by Amazon Game StudiosWhat is New World? Is it a good game? that has recently debuted after numerous alpha and beta testing stages. New World takes place in a fantasy environment where powerful monsters and beasts are constantly trying to devour you while rivaling factions clash to take control of New World’s landmass.

New World was based on the wishful thinking of what people wanted in an MMO game: open-world PvP, no classes, hunting large bosses for loot, controlling territory… The list goes on. New World also allows you to own your own buildings and even cities – but then again towns can be sieged by other players who want them to.

Unlike other MMO games that refer to registered groups of people as guilds or outfits, this game calls these collections or community of players Companies. Companies have the unique ability to own towns and govern them in ways such as adjusting trade taxes, housing taxes, manufacturing costs, and more. The companies can then take the earnings they make from said taxes and use them to further progress their companies’ members in the game or use it towards owning additional towns.

Another unique thing about New World is the fact that each city has its own market/auction house. So as you travel through certain areas of the game certain goods will be more rare or expensive in some places vs others. This also creates a very interesting town trading and merchant hauling mechanic. This allows people to take a resource from one area into another and potentially dictate the market for those items. They can essentially decide the price of the item and how much of it is available, at least until another player comes along and provides some market competition. New World is focused on PVP so if you want to defend your towns and forts, expect some raids.

New World also offers decent character customization that allows players to create a character that is unique on their own. New skills are unlocked through performing required tasks such as crafting items, discovering new areas, completing quests, etc. There are no set classes, unlike other MMO games which means there’s no predetermined path for you to follow.

All that said, New World is an amazing game and I cant wait to see what the future holds for it. If you are looking for a recommendation, this is it. Get this game if you are looking for a totally new fantasy MMO experience, it’s amazing!

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What is New World? Is it a good game?