The Amount Of Crying Is Exhausting – New World


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all right so we’re doing a different kind of video today uh in this video we’re going to talk about the new world patch notes and forum post for wednesday october 13 2021 and again that’s for the new world game from amazon this is like their second or third update the second major update since the game came out literally not much more than a week ago a week and a half ago whatever it was and uh oh my god some of the people that are playing this game um

really uh well some of this speaks for themselves or speaks yeah speaks for themselves so um let’s see 27 bullet points address doesn’t sound like a minor patch to me sounds quite large anyway seeing how well the last patch went saying five hours buys them time to give things if or get by some time if things head south again which is good i agree um says this guy says true it’s worse to be disappointed by them extending i i agree uh it would suck if it was an hour scheduled maintenance and then they said oh something bad messed up and now it’s going to be six or 12 hours you know what i mean so people just need to get over it um and then this person was saying what you know the last patch was five or six hours

but then he says this and these are not entire new zones they’re adding to just some tweaked code how is that going to take five hours i don’t really get it

if you could see my face right now it is

the face palm sort of face alongside angry face so two face um and then of course this guy keep in mind they’re likely doing back and stuff for sub stability rather and expanding the size of the servers not to mention for server transfers so while the notes aren’t huge by any means there is probably more than we see exactly now i’m just going to slowly scroll through this so you can see some of the pure utter moronic dense stupidity going on here but um there’s a lot of people that just are bitching and moaning and crying and just won’t shut up about this stuff they they literally have nothing better to do than to complain and complain and complain this could be an update that would be five minutes and they would still [ __ ] and moan this could be an update that lasted all day but released an entire new zone the the size of all of the zones combined and they would still complain like these people are some of the worst i’ve seen in an mmo in a long long time and

it’s just it’s crazy so here’s the actual notes here or at least the notes they released you can pause and read these but you know yeah it’s a pretty decent amount of text here you know not you know i’m not going to go through these but you know just a bunch of bug fixes and stuff like that but you know no new content or anything like that and that’s fine you know they got to start somewhere what people don’t realize is depending on how everything is built in this engine and in this game decides entirely how long these updates will take and not to mention even if it’s something that would take 20 minutes or or less on a singular server you’ve got to remember there’s hundreds of servers right and there’s different regions and then there’s backup servers and then there’s you know fail safes and all this other stuff that goes into play um that also has to be updated and prepared and re-synchronized and make sure everything is functioning properly otherwise if they just push go and then they put the servers up and then uh oh all of a sudden four hours later when you’re playing uh your character loses all of its progress from four hours ago because i don’t know their synchros synchronization server was screwed up the entire time or this that or in between whatever however they have this all set up well you’re going to be a lot more pissed off than you know a longer update coming out or just an update coming out in general i people have taken this idea of having public discourse you know in a comment section of a forum post or anywhere for that matter and they they you know they just they just let out the stupid the stupid rolls out of their mouths and it’s it’s really i would say it’s entertaining but it really isn’t anymore with how many years i’ve been on the internet and reading stupid stuff like this it’s uh i would say it’s exhausting and i just i pray i hope and i pray that the developers don’t read these comments honestly i hope they don’t read a single one because really

none of them are useful none of them not a single one that’s why i’m going to leave this video guys i’ll see in the next one