Hello there everyone! In today’s article, we are going to discuss 3 Easy Ways To Promote Your Website. So lets jump right into it. 


– 3 Easy Ways To Promote Your Website –

3 Easy Ways To Promote Your Website
One of the most effective and easiest ways to promote your website is by using a YouTube video or multiple YouTube videos. We understand that getting into video advertising space can be intimidating but we can assure you that it’s very easy. In fact, it’s so easy that you can make video advertisements on your phone! There are lots of video editing apps out there but one of them is iMovie. iMovie usually comes pre-installed on iPhones. Simply create a video showing off your business and how it ties into your website and then upload it to YouTube. From there you can promote it via social media or you can pay YouTube to promote the video for you. 


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Listed below are some examples of videos that you could make promoting their website and business.

About Us

Create an “about us” video. In this kind of video, you can explain what your company/website is all about. You can give your visitor more background on you and your business.

What We Do

In a “what we do” style a video you can explain all the services that you and or your website offer.


In a portfolio video, you can show off your latest work. This is a good way to give potential future clients and an idea about what you have to offer.
Another really effective way to promote your website is by using social media. Most people have a social media account these days. What we recommend is promoting your website on both your personal social media accounts as well as a professional business page. 

Listed below are three social media post ideas to help you come up with a social media campaign. A social media campaign can be one post all the way up to a hundred posts. It all just depends on how much effort you want to put into it.

Facebook Post

Here’s an example of a Facebook post. 

Hello there everyone! Check out this new product that I just released on my website…

#hastag1 #hashtag2 #hashtag3

Don’t forget to use hashtags! This can help increase the chances of your product/promotion reaching a new audience!

Twitter Post

Here’s an example of a twitter post.
Check out my awesome new product/website! Be sure to tell me what you guys think!
#hastag1 #hashtag2 #hashtag3 

Don’t forget to use hashtags! This can help increase the chances of your product/promotion reaching a new audience!

Tumblr Post

What do you guys think of my latest project? I’ve been working on this for quite some time and would love to have some input. 

Be sure to add tags to your posts as sites like Tumblr using a different tagging system.

I’m going to finish up this article by also recommending you to create blog posts on your own website. Write blog posts just like this one that you are reading right now, but on your website with your own content. You’d be surprised at how much traffic search engines will give you if your articles/blog posts are well-written and optimized for SEO. When you have search engines recommending your website for various pieces of content you have written about you increase the chances of sales towards your products or other items you’re trying to promote. 


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I hope you found my post on 3 Easy Ways To Promote Your Website helpful and useful. Have a wonderful day and happy blogging!