Its Time For A Serious Conversation About New World

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hello there everyone it is time for a conversation about new world

so let’s start off by just getting a couple questions that some people are going to have out of the way uh what kind of rig i’m using i’m using a i have a thread ripper a 1950x you know first gen or whatever um and a 1080. that’s really all that matters right um so you know the equipment’s decent right you know it’s not uh it’s not the new stuff that’s exploding or anything but it you know it’s it’s good enough right um

i have experienced a couple uh potentially concerning issues regarding my setup um like temperatures being higher than they should be i don’t have any software or anything to analyze voltages or anything like that you know power draw or whatever um but you know uh an educated guess would say that uh you know i’m receiving the same spikes as these uh these newer cards like the 30 70 80 and 90 are receiving uh otherwise why would it just randomly get hot why would the you know you know all the fans kick in like crazy every so often and so on and so forth right um

now you’ll probably notice that i upload a lot of videos of this game where there’s glitches or things going wrong and stuff and i do that because they’re funny and you know it’s good content or whatever um but it’s also kind of a way for me to show that this game is still in it in its infancy and probably honestly should still be labeled as a beta and not a full release and the reason i say that is the the most important the biggest issue the you know the most critical concerning thing i have about the game is the fact that it’s having hardware issues it’s causing hardwares hardwares it’s causing hardware like graphics cards and stuff to actually melt and explode like to to it kills it kills these components like that’s that’s not a good thing like at all under any circumstance another thing that i find concerning which goes into the whole you know this game’s not properly built is as a content creator and a streamer sometimes you have to tell programs through task manager uh to only use certain cores they call it a setting cpu affinity for uh specific programs so i could say since i have a threadripper which is a 32 core part i could say hey you know uh new world you use the first uh 16 cores and uh stream labs uh use the other 16 cores so that way you know the the loads kind of spread out right well this lovely game does not let you do that it i’m a so mind you i’m a super administrator all that fun stuff i’m no no slouch when it comes to knowing how to you know work with pcs and you know manipulate them and all that stuff um this game will straight up and i’ll let you do it uh just it’s you’re not allowed to it says you’re not allowed permission you know permission denied access denied which as a super user uh i don’t even know how that’s possible so that’s a thing and it’s very concerning to me and frankly unacceptable to me um you know um so that’s that’s a concern uh next there’s obviously like i said all the glitches that i’m putting out in videos and stuff that are a concern as well and there’s a lot of them like at first i didn’t really notice them but the more you play and the longer you play uh you’ll see them and i think some well i can i can almost bet money that some of them are related to how the game stores things in memory so for example there are plenty of times where i’ll go up to like the town board of a town and i won’t be able to interact with it until the silly little lights and stuff load in why why well if the you know whatever part of the memory that’s being told to be stored in or to not be stored in uh isn’t functioning properly or not quick enough or how you know however they have it coded right i don’t claim to be a game developer you know i have a little bit of knowledge but you know you know it’s educated guesses type of thing um that that that shouldn’t be happening and then you’ll have moments where there is nope hold that dot and then you’ll have moments where uh logs trees stuff on the ground will just be invisible but it blocks the player’s path you know it it would be one thing if it was like the resource nodes that aren’t visible or whatever and you know you can’t interact with them because they’re underground you know that’s a mostly harmless uh kind of bug but when there’s stuff that’s physically impeding the players traversal ability uh that’s a problem especially in a game that’s pv uh pvp rather focused and this game is i mean at least that’s what people like to say uh personally without getting on too much of a dungeon i actually enjoy the pve uh player versus player versus environment better than the pvp which is player versus player uh a lot more i just i not much of a you know not a big fan of the pvp sorry just not um and on that same you know against the you know against the grain thinking or whatever um i used to originally agree with the masses on uh this game not having mounts but uh as i play this more and more i i lean more and more towards the idea and the desire to have mounts in the game nothing crazy no world of warcraft level you know flying mounts or anything crazy like that but just something you know um but back on to you know the concerns um they say this is a small developer uh it’s amazon game studios or amazon games or whatever the hell is called

and yes this is their first mmo but at the rate they release updates at the rate they

essentially not fix the things that are more important uh is concerning um i just want to be clear do i recommend the game yes do we recommend the game to average joes not yet not until they fix the performance issues as in the you know overheating and killing graphics cards and stuff um or overvolting them whatever um but if you know how to you know counter that and you know uh allocate resources where you’re able to uh then then sure um i run the game on low um the game looks fine on low it looks almost identical to running the game on high and really what you’re saving is your hardware in this case um when the game’s running on high you are damaging your hardware period i’m sorry i don’t care what anybody else thinks you you feel free to have an argument with me in the comments below but um this game in its current state is unoptimized is is putting it kindly this game needs serious emergency work to the to the point where the fact that they’re not communicating with the player base that they’re trying to fix it assuming they even are which they might not be they might just you know they’re not gonna say that out in pub you know they’re not gonna say that publicly but i do find it concerning that they’re not focusing directly on the things that are causing the most issues uh first and foremost uh you know they’re fixing you know uh respawn bugs and stuff like that and don’t get me wrong those are those are important and you know if they’re quick fixes that they can you know quickly get out of over sure fine whatever that’s fine um i’m not saying don’t fix the other problems but when they’re they’re worried about you know little cosmetic things or you know you know some typos or whatever you know that can be fixed later or you know on some interns time or something you know what i mean um it doesn’t it doesn’t need to take priority over mission critical things like damaging people’s hardware stuff like that so um

i’m sure i’ll be making more videos on this because i do love the game and i do hope it goes places uh and i don’t know what its current player account is i’m actually going to check that right now and this obviously fluctuates um

uh this fluctuates depending on the time of day and stuff but i’m having trouble pulling it up here why are we having technical difficulties here okay so it’s 3 50 p.m on a uh saturday afternoon um and there’s 434 000 players playing now that’s that’s no that’s no slouch that’s not nothing to to uh hate on or whatever that’s a lot of people but you got to think if there’s let’s just say there’s a million right a million active players at all times uh well not all times obviously but regularly um and i can bet money that 95 of the people do have hardware problems with the game and they might not even realize it there’s a good chance they don’t um then that that should take priority over anything just period so i don’t know i’m just frustrated with the developers and i think more people need to speak out because you know like i said i am not somebody that wants to see this game go down the drain or anything like that um but damaging components i i never thought i would see the day that a video game a game a program for that matter really uh that is released to the to the masses that’s not you know malicious you know it’s not a you know a virus or whatever uh that damages people’s components and they don’t seem to seem to care and and the thing that i find incredible really is there’s plenty of big uh youtubers jay’s two cents uh is just the first person that comes to mind that can prove that there’s these big issues with you know its spiking power and all that fun stuff um

and you know for the unlucky people that had hardware fail i don’t i don’t see how they are not compensating those people because yes they’re they’re saying it was a manufacturing defect in these these pieces of hardware and that’s fine however i do think amazon is still uh responsible in a way yes you know these manufacturers for the most part are making it right and replacing these parts but um i think amazon needs to be involved as well and compensate those people and really make a public public statement saying hey you know we know our game’s screwed up we know it’s you know everybody’s having a good time and everything we know there’s problems but we are genuinely working on it and you know do like do like a development video like showing the back end you know people like the developers working on this stuff like actually working on it and talking about it and actually keeping people in the loop because the number one thing that people don’t like the most is when

the developer the owner or whatever big company or a big game or whatever is just faceless and doesn’t communicate and that’s where we’re at they’re just not so i’m gonna wrap the video up with that um but before you go uh i will be making more videos on this and if you guys want me to talk about anything in particular let me know um i held a lot of hope for this game but uh they really need to work on it in a very uh mission critical sort of way so thanks for watching guys i’ll see you in the next one hello there if you enjoyed the video don’t forget to hit that subscribe button also drop a like and a comment and uh turn on notifications with that little bell if you’d like to join my discord server you can do so by visiting the link in the description