New World December Update – My Thoughts

New World December Update - My Thoughts

The New World December update has been released as of yesterday and myself and others have some thoughts about it.

So let’s first start off with you guessed it…

My Thoughts:

After spending a few minutes in-game I was able to find an NPC quest-giver right outside of Windsward city and the quest was great right up until it required me to buy a house in order to continue. Sorry but I’m not dropping that kind of gold on a house in the game, not until the prices for them have been reduced.

Finding the cute little gifts scattered around the world is neat but I’m not sure where I turn them in at all. I also noticed it grants this special reputation that has no bar to track that I could find anywhere.

Before logging off for the day I discovered that there is a large holiday tree in the center of the city that I call home “Windsward” and I noticed that you can loot from it. I did and was granted some “presents that I could open and got some interesting items. I’m taking a guess here but, I think you can go to other cities and loot their respective trees but I have yet to try that yet.

I plan to make a follow up post to this one with more information as I figure this event out.