Apple ID servers still down

About five hours ago maybe a little bit longer Apple‘s Apple ID servers as well as a few other services went down. It took them forever to update their status website showing that there was a partial outage for many people. However, there are lots of people both in the United States and in other countries that are reporting this outage. Apple still has not come out with an official statement on what is going on, but it is causing a lot of heartache for people that are just now getting new devices and are trying to activate them as well as people who have had devices for a long time and are being spammed by their devices to re-sign into their Apple ID accounts. There are many other tech websites that are reporting this outage as well. The frustrating part is there is no statement on when this is going to be fixed. Is it going to last for another five hours? Is it gonna last another 48 hours? No one seems to know.

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