Cards are finally becoming affordable! There are many reasons why graphics card prices are going down but for the most part, this was an expected thing from many people to happen over time. As of writing this post on Amazon, you can get an RTX 3060 for $600 and an RTX 3070 TI overclock edition for $878. There are also RTX 3080 version 2 overclocked edition cards for $1,400 as well as a 3090 for $2,200.

If you’ve been waiting to purchase a graphics card until the prices have been reduced now is the time to do it. As of writing, this post, videos have been posted showing off the new 3090TI as well as its benchmarks. Once this graphics card becomes available to the public, I foresee a potential price bump again across the board so be sure to grab your desired graphics card while the prices are low!

Graphics Cards Finally Affordable (Mostly)