APB Reloaded Checkup

APB Reloaded Background

It’s about that time to check up on my favorite game APB Reloaded. The last time I checked up on the game I found that the game was mostly 2-3 servers online and really hard to get into. On top of that, the new engine that was promised was still not a thing. From what I previously read was that the developer basically had two versions of the game in development because of the complexity of converting the old version of the game to the new version. The developer basically said that it was easier to just build the game in the new engine alongside trying to keep the current version of the game alive.

Now its 06/22/2022 and I’m wondering if there is any more progress. Let’s take a look…

From reading their most recent APB 2022 Roadmap post I can see that APB Reloaded players new and old can cautiously expect the following things coming to APB sooner rather than later.

  • Back port the cooked package system into 1.30. This will massively improve load times.

  • Back port the newer network code from 2.2 which will enable us to continue development on cross world play in 1.30.

  • Back port the DirectX 11 renderer (and potentially a DirectX 12 renderer as well).

  • Make a pass on fixing bad geometry and collisions that exist in the game today.

  • Back port console support for Xbox One, Xbox X, PS4, and PS5 and make minimum changes to the UI


I’m very much looking forward to improving the load times of the game and I hope this includes faster loading of custom player models and custom player car models. Previously loading the custom player objects could cause the game to lag which could result in you getting killed in first encounter situations.

The other thing that could make a big difference when it comes to fire fights is fixing the bad geometry and collisions.

I hope for the best with this game and I hope so great changes come soon. Also more players 😀