Hey everyone. Welcome to my first New World game ideas post. For my first post I’m going to suggest/request 3 items.

Let’s get to it.

Group Member Icons

The current group member system, as of writing this post, has special icons with their own color for each of your group members. That’s great! Major kudos for that. However, the hexagon and the circle are way to close in shape especially at the size that its currently displayed. Keep the circle, find something better to replace the hexagon shape.

Ready Check System

This one is pretty simple. Implement a ready check system for all groups. Make it so it can be activated at anytime multiple times if necessary. Excluding OPRs of course. It would be a very welcome feature as there are many moments where you would want to check if members are ready. For example, initiating a ready check to see if your group is ready to move out of a outpost to begin a attack on a group of enemy players.

Raid Groups

Another highly requested item. The ability to have groups larger than 5 players. Specially being able to have up to 10 or 15 players would be incredible. This would be very helpful for open world PvP, open world dungeons, etc. Many times when playing with lots of guild mates, things can get confusing fast because you can’t tell who still need to be invited to a group. So, just make the max amount 15 players, or have a raid panel system like other games.