Hey everyone. Welcome back to my New World game ideas post series. In this post, I’m going to suggest/request 4 items this time.


Increase Player Gold Cap

This one is basic. Simply increase the max gold cap a player can have on their character. Double it at least.

Ability to search through all storage for items

When searching for items in storage in its current form, it can be a real pain. Please make it when you search for an item it can search through ALL storage locations and not just the one you have currently selected.

Increase Stack Counts Of Ammo & Shards

Increase the stack counts of Ammo & Shards. PLEASE FOR THE SANITY…..make it where items like ammo and shards are stacked in much higher amounts. For example, shards stack up to 50k or 100k each before using another “slot”. The same goes for ammo, make ammo stack for 50k or 100k each before forming a new item/slot.

Remove the cost of attribute respec

For a game that wants people to play and experience all the different aspects of it, it sure makes some questionable decisions. One of the decisions is charging players gold in order to respec their attributes. Please remove the gold cost or the cost all together from the attributes screen/menu.


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