Hey everyone! In this post I’m going to share my latest ideas for the game New World. Basically a wishlist if you’d want to call it that.

Ability to charge for items in storage, earnings goes to guild tab.

This goes alongside the ability for companies/guilds to have their own item storage. The rest is explained already.

Close quarters OPR Map

I’d love to see a close quarters OPR map where weapons like bows and muskets are basically useless and really encourages close and fast combat.

Make the 3 neutral zones own-able and or make them forced PVP zones.

The 3 neutral zones on the world map should be able to be owned by companies or make the entire zone a force flagged/force PvP zone.

Fix OPR fort doorways where projectiles can’t pass through large gaps in walls.

This one doesn’t require much explanation but the doorways around forts/capture points in OPR(outpost rush) have these very large gaps that just simply can’t be shot through for no reason. Fix that!

Remove weight of reward items. Like orbs.

Most if not all reward items should have their weight removed.

Add force reload feature that helps fix UI related bugs.

A function similar to unstuck, force reload would make the game essentially restart everything related to the UI.

Make client scan nearby resources to make sure they are displaying properly. Therefore you should never try and farm an item such as a tree indefinitely.


Remove the resources nodes in dungeons or remove them as requirement for mutators.

This was a cute thing to add to the dungeons but the idea of making them required for mutators was just a dumb decision.


I can happily report that these are confirmed. Hopefully they arrive sooner rather than later.

Increase the amount of items allowed to be traded to a player at once, or not require to reopen trade menu.

This one is already explain basically. Who the hell thought limited item trade between players was a good idea? I mean, of course there has to be some sort of limit but like the handful now? Come on guys, make that limit much larger. Thanks.

Add the ability to sort schematics in the auction house/trade post by learned vs not learned. Storage too. (Music sheets,furniture,cooking,etc.)

No explanation needed.

Put the faction currency tokens in your bag next to your gold count

No explanation needed.

Destroy enemy player camps

Give us the ability to destroy player camps that belong to players that are flagged for open world PvP.


Give us the ability to pin activity card items from the season pass to our hud like all other missions/quests.

No explanation needed.
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