Deep Rock Galactic (DRG) offers an exhilarating blend of teamwork and survival in an alien-infested, mineral-rich universe. Yet, as we previously discussed, there’s a tantalizing possibility that could ramp up the excitement even more: a Dungeon Master mode. Today, we want to dive deeper into the mechanics of how this feature could be implemented, and why it would be a worthwhile addition to the game.

Monster Spawns and Timers

One of the cornerstones of any Dungeon Master mode is the ability to control the frequency and intensity of enemy encounters. In DRG, this could translate into a system of spawning monsters in timed waves. Dungeon Masters could use a timer to dictate the ebb and flow of combat, creating periods of tension and relief that keep players engaged.

For further depth, a separate cooldown timer could be used for special monster spawns. These could introduce more formidable foes to the battlefield, upping the ante and offering players a sterner challenge at key moments in the game.

Random Packs and Solo Spawns

Balancing fairness with unpredictability is a key aspect of the Dungeon Master’s role. One way this could be achieved in DRG is through random pack spawns and solo spawns of specific monster types. This could allow Dungeon Masters to fine-tune the difficulty level, while also keeping players on their toes.

Of course, such powers would need to be limited to prevent overuse and maintain balance. But within these bounds, the opportunities for strategic play and unpredictability are immense.

Special Mobs and Danger Points

Beyond the usual foes, a Dungeon Master mode could also grant control over special mobs. Perhaps leeches could be summoned a certain number of times per game, adding an extra element of danger and requiring players to adapt their strategies on the fly.

And speaking of danger, the Dungeon Master could also dictate where specific hazards will appear in the dungeon, as long as these points are out of the players’ view. For instance, the Dungeon Master could plan where a plague asteroid will land, creating an extra hazard that players must overcome.


The possibilities for a Dungeon Master mode in Deep Rock Galactic are vast and thrilling. By granting players the power to shape the flow of the game, this mode could offer a fresh, engaging, and challenging way to explore the depths of Hoxxes IV. From monster spawns to hazard placement, the range of mechanics that could be included offer a tantalizing glimpse into what DRG could become.

As players, we can only hope that Ghost Ship Games consider such a feature for future updates. Until then, we’ll keep dreaming of the adventures that await us in the depths. Rock and stone, to the bone!

DRG Needs A Dungeon Master Mode!