DRG Needs A Dungeon Master Mode! [Deep Rock Galactic]

In the realm of cooperative first-person shooter games, few titles have captured the hearts and minds of players as thoroughly as Deep Rock Galactic (DRG). The impressive world of Hoxxes IV, riddled with various types of alien creatures and an array of minerals, has been a thrilling playground for those who dare to venture into the deep dark.

But despite the game’s already rich content, a particular feature has been conspicuous by its absence—a Dungeon Master mode. With its immersive universe and a host of environmental and enemy variables, DRG seems ideally suited for such a mode.

The Allure of the Dungeon Master

First things first, what is a Dungeon Master mode? Borrowing from tabletop RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons, Dungeon Master mode would allow one player to control the environment, spawn enemies, manipulate obstacles, and generally act as the ‘director’ of the game for other players.

This kind of mode would not only bring another layer of excitement to the gameplay, but it would also give players a unique opportunity to test their teamwork, strategic planning, and adaptability skills in new, unpredictable scenarios.

Dynamic Challenges and Replayability

One of the potential benefits of a Dungeon Master mode is an enhancement of DRG’s already impressive replayability. This mode could make each run feel unique and handcrafted. The unpredictability factor would skyrocket as a player-controlled Dungeon Master is behind the scene, pulling the strings, and providing challenges that are dynamic and unexpected.

Community Engagement and Creativity

By adding a Dungeon Master mode, DRG could see a boom in community engagement. Players could create their scenarios, share them with others, and even host competitions. This player-generated content could keep the community active, stimulated, and engrossed, ultimately adding to the longevity of the game.


While DRG continues to be a phenomenal gaming experience, there’s a lot of potential that remains untapped. By adding a Dungeon Master mode, developers could give players an exciting new way to engage with the game. Not only would it add a new layer of depth to the gameplay, but it could also spark creativity within the community and enhance the game’s replayability.

Let’s hope that the developers at Ghost Ship Games take this into consideration for their future updates. Until then, rock and stone, miners!

DRG Needs A Dungeon Master Mode!