It’s Time For NEW MECH! – SilentWisher Entertainment LIVE! E2

Auto Transcription

Allied destroyer has joined squadron. Every citizen gets to select which government provided career best suits their dreams. All right, ladies and gentlemen, we have new information and a new major order.

Battlefront update is what we’ll start with. Fresh intel warns of an increased level of automaton resistance. Likely a last ish effort to forestall.

That’s a new word. Their inevitable defeat. Press even harder.

Interesting. We failed that 3 billion or whatever order. I’m not gonna read that.

We don’t read failures. New major order. We have acquired imagery of a massive new automaton factory nearing completion on the planet Varela five.

This factory, if liberated could be retrofitted to allow us the construction of the dual autocannon exosuit variant the Exo 49 emancipator exosuit. The helldivers are ordered to liberate Virelia five. Consult the galactic map on your super destroyer for a complete briefing.

So I’ve been waiting for that sun gun. So that’s where we’re going. We’re gonna get that mechanical make sure we got the right stuff, right loadout.

Which I currently kind of do. Kind of don’t. Should be fine.

The enemy has launched a cowardly attack again against one of our planets. Will you defend it? More information. Surveillance satellite security has acquired imagery of a massive automaton factory on the planet Virlia five.

Structural analysis indicates a clear resemblance to the famed Morgenson arsenal on Tian Kuan. Clearly, this is a crude attempt at replicating the quantity or quality of craftsmanship of that facility. But this automaton petafactory, as enemy transition transmissions call it is merely an aberrant imitation.

Its only purpose is to mass produce weapons of war in order to further the automatons totalitarian agenda. Let’s see how many big words we could stick in this. Good lord.

Its worker drones are forced to labor non stop and the environmental impacts are devastating. However, in this undemocratic abomination may yet be turned into an instrument of freedom. With low cost alterations, the pettifactory could be retrofitted to allow the construction of our emancipator exosuit.

Yep. Cool. Let’s do it.

Borrelia five. How many helldivers on this planet? I think it said fifty k. Fifty two k? Fifty two k.

Currently on planet. I expect that number to jump dramatically over the next few hours. Because people are just now finding out.

I hope so. We’re going in with a reduced stratagem slot. Lovely.

Allied destroyer has joined squadron. Greetings, hell die. We got Zeus.

Let’s go. Do you know Zeus? No, I just. I like the godses.

A history nerd. Allied destroyer has joined squadron. Engaging orbital thrusters.

Greeting Helldiver. Orbit synchronized. This is a one way trip, huh? A one way trip.

And bringing the autocannon. Allied destroyer has left squadron. Okay, bye.

So he bring in an ammo. Back cut. I’m not sure what his plan is.

Allied destroyer has joined Squadron. Alan, what is your most stratum? Oh, goodness. Um, that’s you personally.

You most used? If I was to guess, probably the 500 kg. Probably. I think mines.

Uh, the eagle strike. Let our enemies choke on their territorial ambitions. Requesting sentry.

Calling down a support weapon. Sample collected. Objective critical strategy available.

Requesting objective equipment. Quite the interesting objective. Location tagging map.

Northeast, 200 meters. I got the terminal. Back empty.

That’s a hulk. Oh, my gosh. Reinforcing chance.

Heavy. That’s a tank. Heavy.

Your feet close. It’s bad. It.

Support. What on earth? Requesting century. That’s called democracy.

Engaging terminals. What the it? Rolling grenade. Heavy heat.

Good God. Gertrude. Requesting orbital.

It’s just you right now, boss. Oh, what the heck? Calling in reinforcements. Glad you said that.

I was over here just doing my own. Reinforcements on the way. Oh, dear God, no.

Reporting to the front. Requesting sentry. Requesting advanced weaponry.

Heavy south, 50 meters. For prosperity. Calling in reinforcement.

Boy. Heavy southeast. Close it.

Calling down a support weapon. Magic. Calling down a support weapon.

Requesting orbitals. Remove gas strike. Incoming.

Dropping north, 50 meters. New man requesting backpack. I got the terminal.

Throwing today. Tagging location. Supplies.

Engaging terminal. Got a sample. Super credits.

Calling an orbital strike. Calling down a sentry. Saw that coming.

Objective critical strategy. Terminal supplies. Checking location.

Easy. I got the terminal. New bag.

Don’t worry, I got it. Cut it in half. Here’s another one.

Oh, shit. That’s a tank. One strike.

Drop tip. Mags empty. Standing in an eagle.

Back empty. Oh, boy. You guys want to clear the map or just extract and keep pushing missions? Okay.

At least clear this big one. Yeah, we got, like, 45 minutes. What’s the status on your guys’s samples? Do we need to be collecting them or.

No? Okay. Just kind of trying to keep track of who needs them and who doesn’t. You know what I mean? At this point.

Fair enough. I just need rares, to be honest with you, I got pretty much heavy. East close.

Calling in orbital. Strike it up, please. Get up.

Fire the hole. Pressing air support. Drop tip like a rocket to the face.

200 meters. That’s one of them. Oh, I just got punched in the face.

Empty. Ready to liberate. I don’t want to be.

What? You’re gone. No. Run.

Run. Heavy fabricator. Wet.

Close. Oh, no. Get freedom.

Never. That’s a heavy. It was a heavy.

Warning, you are in range of enemy artillery. Hello, arm. Warning.

You are in range of enemy artillery. Dear God. All right, buddy.

Western sentry Morgan, you are in range of enemy. I got the terminal. I need Stubbs.

Warning. You are in range of enemy artillery. Requesting orbital strike.

I just got executed. Reinforcing. Warning.

Request approved. Deploying reinforcements. Oh, my God, bro.

What? In range of enemy artillery. My life for super. Warning.

You are in range of enemy artillery. Magnificent on my position. Warning.

You are in range of enemy artillery. Oh, my God. And of course, trying to record to get the other trailer.

Why not be a hulk walking down? Yeah, I agree. Well, I died with all the samples. That’s fantastic.

Ready. Delivery. Oh, jeez.

Requesting gas strike. Incoming. Warning.

You are in range of enemy artillery. Standing in an eagle. Calling down a sentry.

Calling down supplies off. No shit. Just gonna get shot continuously in the backing advance.

Of course. Dude. Why won’t.

Why not? Why. Why not when I’m trying to run away, why not run into a damn hole? Oh, my goodness. Don’t worry about the samples, bro.

I got them. We don’t got the purple ones anyway. Really? Get.

Get up, dude. If I can. Reloading.

Westing air support. Oh, boy. Heavy northeast close.

It’s Wednesday. Requesting orbital strike. Falling down a sentry at.

At -10 seconds. Clear landing zone. Freedom forever.

Jeez, that’s not what I wanted. All right, whatever. Come on.

Preparing to depart. Shuttle launch in 20 seconds. Extraction complete.

That was rough. Just ran right onto that ship there. Not bad, gentlemen.

Not bad. Good luck. The more ground we hold now, allied destroyer has left squadron.

One last step. Excuse me. Good lord, I think I have all of war bomb stuff.

I think I’m missing any of it. Yep. I did want to check the superstore, though, because it’s got the one outfit that is called the light gunner.

And it is light armor, but it’s the only light armor that gives you a hundred armor rating, so that’s pretty good. Switch out my armor real quick. Blitz search and destroy right in the middle.

We thought of the same thing. What? Switching out our armor. Look at our chest.

Plate it. Going in fast. This armor set is.

It’s fast. It’s gonna suck when you. When you want a shot.

Oh, but of course, dude, this outfit is zooming. I am just zooming, brother. The artillery, anyway, maybe.

Oh, that was beautiful. Beautiful. Or spacious skies.

Something, something. Oh. Oh.

Ow. Rude. I’m out.

Reloading. Yeah. Really? Oh, hello.

Oh, I just got exploded. Request approved. Reinforcements on the way.

I am the strategy. Uh oh. You mad? I hear him firing.

Oh, boy, he’s still up. Oh, he’s dead. Requesting orbital strike.

Sending in an eagle. Angry eagle. Unreal.

I got killed by Bob wire. Yeah. Yes, it does damage over time.

A dot. You didn’t land on the factory? Come on, man. I will admit I was hitting my baby.

Lash for me. Not allowed to do that, mate. Ouch.

Invisible Barbara. Whoo. Holy heavy east close.

Calling in orbital strike. Throwing Renee Eagle. Back in the bike.

You mad. Supporting air support. You’ve done your duty.

You may extra my life for super Earth. Okay. Calling in reinforcements.

Last reload out of ammo. Oh, boy. A lot of bad guys in every direction.

Standing in eagle. Dang. Oh, my gosh, dude.

Angelic. What are you trying to do? Trying to call you back in, but it’s not. Yep.

Deploying replacement squad. What can you do with that when you’re getting shot with that many rockets? Oh, yeah, of course. I just want to.

Right next to a damn hole. I won’t try this. Tactical asset near your location.

Requesting orbital strike now. Now I know why I don’t use this armor. I mean, it’s good.

I just lose my 30% throw distance. That’s really screwing me up. Rolling grenade.

Requesting air support. It. Are you really? Come on.

Reload, dude. Eagle one, trying to rearm. Magnificent.

How about a nice cup of liberty? Other problem. Northeast, 50 meters. That was coming.

Oh, of course, dude. Why not? A devastator right behind me. Sounds like you’re just having a struggle, bus.

Sort of day brother on the extraction zone. Landing sequence initiated. Watch where you’re standing.

Just had to run. As fun as that armor is when it’s just two of us, not a good choice. That should slow him down.

Every second counts. It. Coordinates.

Rock helps drive. Engaging orbital thrusters. Orbit synchronized it.

Launch the machine. Every day is a good day to die for democracy. All right, big map.

Damn, we should have brought 2380s. We could have blown the mess out of that big over here. Yep.

Would be kind of cool if these doors worked like the little elevators. Oh, that would be cool. Watch one of their bunkers.

Just get deleted. Nice. They got a burn pit.

Look at that. It’s cute. Ow.

Ow. Objective critical strategy. I’m available.

What do you think you’re doing? Get out that gun, boy. He’s running around with the blicky. Oh, gosh.

I fell off the hill. Oh, I just got devastated by devastators. Homeboy’s getting pelted from all the directions.

Say hello to democracy. But must approve. Deploying reinforcements.

Point me to the enemy. Mags empty. New magic.

Fire question. Air support. Uh oh.

It bounced. Your little box things right here. Now we just gotta go over here.

I got the terminal. I hear devastators. And I hate those.

Dropping a pin. Southwest, far. It’s a pretty big drop.

Goodness. Oh. Legs broke.

Ending in an eagle. Boom shakalaka. Drop the like button.

Hit that like button for more explosions. There’s gonna be explosions regardless. Don’t you worry.

Oh, my gosh. There’s so much. Yeah.

Oh, my goodness. A lot of devastators. I don’t even know how I killed myself.

Okay, you didn’t. There was a tower cannon. It just blew up its own stuff.

That’s hilarious. You go get me sending out an so’s guys again. An eagle.

Super Earth. Spin it back in action. That works.

Requesting air support. Do homeboy died. Not see those berserkers? Sending in an eagle.

Administering freedom. That was a nice toss. If I do, same so myself.

Okay, mister devastator, how’d that feel? Bet that it’d be a good day date. Nice. Extracted your discretion.

Calling in orbital strike. Firing orbital strike. Mags empty.

We did it. We did it. Oh, you’re at the extrago.

Look at you. Just let me know when you get here. Go for it, brother.

Oh, my. Ouch. Ow.

What the heck? Bro? What was that? Did I get shot by a turd or something? It. Air support -10 seconds. Clear landing zone.

Oh, no, no. I’ll tell you what. It was cinematic, but it killed me.