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Outpost Rush

OPR or Outpost Rush is a PVP 20vs20 instanced event. You can access OPR via the modes menu. OPR at its basic level is a capture the flags type game. That said, OPR can get pretty complex at times as well.

There are 3 locations on the map that can be captured.

  • 🌙Moon
  • 🔆Sun
  • ⭐Star


All 3 of these locations can be captured by either team and each point held contributes to the teams’ overall score that shows at the top of everyone’s screen. The more points a team holds the faster they will win. Also if a team owns all 3 points for a period of time, the point ticking will increase rapidly, therefore, ending the game quicker.

There is an event in the matches that happens every few mins that most people refer to as Baron. Baron is a monster that spawns on the map that can be killed in order to freeze the enemies’ points gained for a short period of time. This little event can really make or break a game in or against your favor. The Baron event can happen a handful of times per match.

The 3 capturable locations on the map can be upgraded with resources from around the map. These resources can be gathered by any player and even be stolen from other players you kill if they happen to be carrying them.

The resources are & gathered from the following:

  • -Starmetal. The Starmetal resource can be gathered from various mines around the map.
  • -Wyrdwood. Wyrdwood can be gathered from chopping down the various Wyrdwood trees located around the map.
  • -Animal Hide. Animal Hides can be gathered from killing wolves located around the map.
  • -Azoth vials can be gathered by killing all the various enemies located around the map.
  • -Summoning stones can be gathered by killing specific mobs on the map or by using azoth vials to purchase a stone from outposts.  You can also use a large amount of azoth vials to get a special corruption summon stone.


The capture points around the map can be upgraded in the following ways:

  • Doors (Tier 1-3)
  • Turrets
  • Lava Vats
  • Buffing Tent
  • Respawn Module.


Both Moon & Star map points can have all the upgrades. However, the Sun capture point in the center of the map cannot have a respawn module.


3v3 PVP Matches

3v3s can be accessed via the modes menu. 3v3s is a PVP mode where 3 players fight 3 other players in very short matches. These matches cannot exceed a couple of minutes before a ring of fire begins to rapidly take over the entire arena. These matches can be very intense and sometimes you will encounter players who have geared themselves specifically for these types of battles.

Completing these matches does provide a gypsum reward as well as some other items.

Something of note that no other PVP mode provides is the ability to use your potions, buffing foods, tinctures, etc for free.




Wars are a 50-player versus 50-player PVP mode. Wars are fought over the control of a town/territory. Wars can happen only so many times per week per company. Wars are similar to invasions in the sense that there is a fort and defensive and offensive weaponry. The previously mentioned weaponry can be used alongside the traditional player vs player combat. Whoever wins in a war either remains the owners of said territory or captures the territory. Taking part in a war can also provide you with a decent chunk of gold and other loot as well.

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