[Declassified Documents] Documents 11.30.2020

Intel From Vanguard Agent Silentwisher


Information collected by Agent [REDACTED] and Agent [REDACTED].

The agents that were sent to investigate the SUV interaction with local Nato Marine forces came up with the following evidence.

There was clear evidence of interactions with the individual that is referred to as Gunner. Multiple soldiers add cell phones on their persons and had Gunner listed as an agent. Gunner was not a name listed on the phones. He was listed simply as agent. However, the one-time phone number that we have seen before matched.

The troops that were in the SUVs seem to have been on the lower grade of the pay scale for Gunner. They had paperwork on them that was very short and to-the-point regarding an arms deal that seems to have been completed already. No names were mentioned in the documents. The locations that were marked on the paper were scribbled out with a permanent marker. We will have to send this to a lab to see if we can recover those locations.

On one of the soldiers there on his phone had a mention of a helicopter on the phone’s text messages but did not specify what kind, we’re it would be coming from, or what it would be doing.

No additional information at this time.


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