[PRE-OP INFO] 6.25.2021

Intel From Vanguard Agent Silentwisher

[PRE-OP INFO] 6.25.2021

Sky-Eye Imaging [Authorized Personel Only]

Information collected by Agent Silentwisher.

Shown below are some images from the recent changes to the FLOT. We’ve been able to capture both color and thermal versions of each area.

Batch 1 = Suttorf
Batch 2 = East of Oetzendorf
Batch 3 = East of Jarlitz
Batch 4 = North of Nateln

Additional notes:
Batch 1: From our observations, it appears the town of Suttorf is being occupied by a mechanized unit. From what we’ve observed they are making sure their armored units are well-positioned to avoid getting hit by friendly forces.
Batch 2: From our Imaging resources we’ve noticed a large amount of infantry moving through these woods alongside a few armed vehicles which are just east of the town of Oetzendorf.
Batch 3: East of the town of Jarlitz appears to have heavily armored tanks watching long sightlines. From what we can tell they seem to be some sort of t-72 variant.
Batch 4: North of the town Nateln seems to have not many forces protecting the area however they have very well-placed mechanized type units. A lot of which are hidden from our Imaging.

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