Vanguard Intel 4.10.2020

Intel From Vanguard Agent Silentwisher

Roughrider teams took out another dozen infantry units at the farm as well as a btr-90.

Vanguard Intel 4.10.2020 1

An unknown amount of infantry was eliminated in the town of Zhulebino.

Our artillery teams took out two enemy 2S1 artillery pieces.

Vanguard Intel 4.10.2020 3

Odin teams maintained blocking positions preventing enemy reinforcements from entering the town. 

Rough Riders managed to take out multiple enemy reinforcement choppers before they could drop off forces.

Vanguard Intel 4.10.2020 5


Information you find has been made available only to select intel services. Some information you find will have parts of it redacted. 

[REDACTED] - Operations & Counting
[REDACTED] - Head Quarters Address
[REDACTED] - Agent Silentwisher Email

Have questions about redacted information? Reach out to your CO.

Vanguard Intel 4.10.2020 6

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