Vanguard PRE-OP Info 5.15.2020

Intel From Vanguard Agent Silentwisher

We’ve attached some images of the town of Shakhovka. We were lucky enough to get some upgrades to our Imaging equipment so we hope these more detailed images will provide our teams on the ground it’s better information. 

We monitored the town for a few hours and noticed a lot of troop movement via the Urals in and out of the town. We also noticed some civilian activities. From what we can tell the civilian activity is minimal and the Chedakis have fortified the small town to an extreme degree. Due to the presence of potential civilians, we highly suggest avoiding using artillery assets in this location. 

Some additional information… We have not noticed any sort of armor or heavy equipment being rolled in or out of this town. It appears to be mostly technicals and lightly armored vehicles. We also sent a low flying dummy drone to see if there were any enemy anti-air assets in the area and the drone was ignored so take that information as you will. Friendly militia forces request that the town be fully cleared so they can move in and secure it for themselves.


Information you find has been made available only to select intel services. Some information you find will have parts of it redacted. 

[REDACTED] - Operations & Counting
[REDACTED] - Head Quarters Address
[REDACTED] - Agent Silentwisher Email

Have questions about redacted information? Reach out to your CO.

Vanguard PRE-OP Info 5.15.2020 5

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