Vanguard Pre-OP Info 6.26.2020

Intel From Vanguard Agent Silentwisher

Below is some imagery of the area and points of interest. The first image shows a lot of activity from CSAT earlier in the day. This position is very close to our current phase line. No imagery of the airfield and it’s surrounding area is available at this current time.


Information you find has been made available only to select intel services. Some information you find will have parts of it redacted. 

[REDACTED] - Operations & Counting
[REDACTED] - Head Quarters Address
[REDACTED] - Agent Silentwisher Email

Have questions about redacted information? Reach out to your CO.

Vanguard Pre-OP Info 6.26.2020 3

Keeping You Updated

Vanguard has eyes and ears everywhere. That thing that happened? We probably know all about it. We have a large number of assets available for gathering the information we seek.